Hiace Grand Cabin

SAF Rent A Car Lahore keeps a fleet of highly maintained Toyota Hiace Grand Cabin Van for hire in Lahore. Our Lahore company spends a lot of time and money on these vehicles to ensure safety and reliability.

Toyota Hiace Grand Cabin rent in Lahore

Toyota Hiace Grand Cabin van Rent Lahore
Vehicle Name: Toyota Hiace Grand Cabin
Vehicle Type: Touring Van
Registration: 2020 2021 2022
Seats: 13
Per day rent Lahore: PKR7000, Duration: 12 hours
Per day rent outstations: PKR8000, Duration: 24 hours (for multiple days)
Per day rent outstation: PKR9000, (one day trips)
Fuel, tolls: not included
Driver charges: PKR1500
Route Permit Challan paid by customer
LTC Slip paid by customer
Toyota Hiace Grand Cabin per day rent
Toyota Hiace Grand Cabin Van rent in Lahore
Hiace Grand Cabin Van rent in Lahore

Why you should rent a Hiace Grand Cabin for touring?

A Toyota Hiace Grand Cabin is a good choice to rent for families and groups of 10 to 13 people for touring and traveling from Lahore to other cities of Pakistan.

Van Rental Benefits:

1. Group traveling:

A passenger rental van is an excellent choice for group traveling of any type from Lahore. Whether it’s a family holiday trip, a group of friends and colleagues exploring the northern areas of Pakistan, within Lahore, pickup and drop off rent for Lahore Airport, or a wedding event rent in Lahore.

2. Saving money:

It is always money-saving to rent a van instead of traveling separately in individual cars. Traveling in a single-vehicle will save a lot of money being wasted on fuel and other expenses. So the best thing is the fun and environment of sitting all together at the same place.

3. Stress free traveling:

Driving your car on long distances on unknown dangerous roads is not safe at all. And of course, you get exhausted on those long trips and miss most of the enjoyable moments because of stress. So, let the driver handle all the stress and you sit back and relax and enjoy the journey in a comfortable manner.

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One Way Drop Off / One day Round Trip Rates For Hiace Grand Cabin From Lahore to Other Cities

Here are some one-way drop-off rates of Hiace Grand Cabin for rent from Lahore to different cities of Pakistan.

Rent from Lahore to

  1. Rent for Lahore to Abbottabad PKR60000
  2. Rent for Lahore to Bahawalpur PKR50000
  3. Rent for Lahore to Dera Ghazi Khan PKR55000
  4. Rent for Lahore to Dera Ismail Khan PKR60000
  5. Rent for Lahore to Faisalabad PKR25000
  6. Rent for Lahore to Gujranwala PKR16000
  7. Rent for Lahore to Gujrat PKR25000
  8. Rent for Lahore to Islamabad PKR40000
  9. Lahore to Jhang rent PKR35000
  10. Green Fields PKR16000
  11. Head Balloki PKR16000
  12. Harappa PKR28000
  13. Kallar Kahar PKR40000
  14. Khanewal PKR38000
  15. Khanpur Dam PKR55000
  16. Lalamusa PKR25000
  17. Mangla Dam PKR35000
  18. Multan PKR40000
  19. Mianwali PKR45000
  20. Murree PKR55000
  21. Okara PKR24000
  22. Oasis Club PKR15000
  23. Peshawar PKR55000
  24. Rahim Yaar Khan PKR65000
  25. Rana Resort PKR16000
  26. Sialkot PKR25000
  27. Sargodha PKR28000

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