Toyota Hiace Grand Cabin Van

Toyota Hiace Grand Cabin Van Rent Lahore
Toyota Hiace Grand Cabin Van Rent Lahore

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Grand Cabin Van for rent in Lahore

SAF Rent A Car Lahore keeps a fleet of highly maintained Toyota Hiace Grand Cabin Van for hire in Lahore. The company spends a lot of time and money on these vehicles to ensure safety and reliability.

Seats: 13

Models/Variants: 224 228 229

Rent per day:

Lahore: PKR6000

Timings: 12 hours within Lahore.

Rent for Outstations: PKR8000

Timings: Date wise.

Fuel/tolls/route permit challan: Not included.

Driver Meals/accommodation: Arrange or pay PKR1000 per day.

Note: Drop off and one-day rentals are on a lump-sum basis.

One Way Drop Off / One day Round Trip Rates For Hiace Van From Lahore to Other Cities

Here are some one-way drop-off rates of Hiace Van from Lahore to different cities of Pakistan. These prices include rent, fuel, and toll taxes.

Hiace Grand Cabin Van Lahore to

  • Abbottabad PKR38000
  • Bahawalpur PKR32000
  • Dera Ghazi Khan PKR35000
  • Dera Ismail Khan PKR36000
  • Faisalabad PKR16000
  • Gujranwala PKR12000
  • Gujrat PKR15000
  • Islamabad PKR30000
  • Jhang PKR22000
  • Kallar Kahar PKR23000
  • Kasur PKR
  • Khanewal PKR25000
  • Khanpur Dam PKR32000
  • Khushab PKR
  • Lalamusa PKR16000
  • Layyah PKR
  • Lodhran PKR
  • Mangla Dam PKR20000
  • Multan PKR27000
  • Mianwali PKR27000
  • Murree PKR36000
  • Muzaffargarh PKR
  • Nankana PKR
  • Narowal PKR
  • Okara PKR15000
  • Pakpatan PKR
  • Peshawar PKR38000
  • Rahim Yaar Khan PKR45000
  • Sialkot PKR16000
  • Sargodha PKR16000

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